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  • Classic Rickman Zundapp enduro for sale in Wilno, ON K0J 2N0

    Classic Rickman Zundapp enduro

    Great little classic dirt bike. Originally had a Zundapp 125 engine but now houses a Zundapp 100. Rolling chassis is all orig. in ISDT trim. Plating on frame good. Lightweight Rickman wheels are in excellent shape, as are the Betor forks. Seat needs a new cover. Engine is hung loosely in frame but I

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  • 1968 Zundapp ISDT 100cc Motorcycle Motocross Dirt Bike RARE for sale in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

    1968 Zundapp ISDT 100cc Motorcycle Motocross Dirt Bike RARE

    This is a very rare motorcycle. Very fast 100cc. Rare and very collectible. Over the years I've done a lot of research on Zundapp ISDT bikes and this is only the second 1968 model I have ever found. Later years are a bit more common but not the 1968. It has 681 miles on it and I believe the tires ar

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  • 1970 Rickman 125 ISDT for sale in Venice, California, USA

    1970 Rickman 125 ISDT

    One of the most crisp little Rickman motocrossers you'll ever see. Completely restored by well-known Southern California vintage racer, tech and restorer Gary Swan. Everything on the bike is correct and as it should be. Just a few very minor imperfections noted: chain oiler is not present; original

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